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Accessible, relevant, real-world economics teaching,
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a global community of learners, teachers and researchers


a problem-motivated and interactive way to learn economics


bringing recent developments in the subject into the classroom


giving everyone the tools to understand the economics of the world around them


Christian Gollier
Founder and former director of the Toulouse School of Economics, and CORE teacher
“The CORE Project is the best innovation in economic education that I have seen in my career. A smorgasbord of ideas that refresh our old concepts, moving our standard discourse from dismal to light, from a dehumanized science to a spirited vision of the world.”

Nikolaus Wolf
Professor of Economics at Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany, and CORE teacher
“CORE is a brilliant way to introduce students to economics: it combines state of the art economic theory with a big-picture perspective on modern development; and it does it using a variety of new teaching tools that students love.”

Stefan Gitman
Second year student at University College London
Unlike other textbooks, it really addresses the key questions students are interested in so we can explain historic and current events, using past crises, for example, to show how the concepts and models you learn can be used to analyse what’s happening in the real world. No other course is discussed as widely by students outside of lectures. CORE makes studying economics exciting.

“Recent advances in theory, economic history and quantitative methods have provided tools to address pressing issues of inequality of opportunity, financial instability and climate change…This is a great time to be an economist. It is time we made it a golden age for students of economics.”
Wendy Carlin, writing in the Financial Times

“A bold revamp of how economics is taught at universities across the world is increasing students’ enthusiasm for their discipline as well as their grades.”
Times Literary Supplement

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