Inclusion and engagement in high school economics


By Leith Thompson, Burwood Girls High School The Reserve Bank of Australia has a problem with economists: it can’t get enough of them. In Australia, there is a declining number of students studying the subject, and so the bank has difficulty recruiting graduates. The Reserve Bank is not alone. The problem begins because a declining number of Australian students choose studying economics at the Higher School Certificate level at school. There is also a decline in the proportion of females studying economics. Many of us know that we need to re-evaluate what we teach in introductory economics courses, how we […]

The St Paul’s essay challenge


By Andrew Sykes Five years ago, when the Royal Economic Society investigated how economics teaching could be improved, one skill set was universally in demand. When Paul Anand and Jonathan Leape surveyed 500 members of the British Government Economic Service, Diane Coyle wrote in the RES Newsletter in April 2013, the dominant skill that young economists lacked was “the application of economic theories and models, problem solving and communication of economic analysis to different audiences.” Having been involved with The CORE Project almost from its inception, we have been interested in how we can use the material to help develop the […]

First CORE – EQuSS workshop


In February we wrote about our grant from the Nuffield Foundation ( The goal is to create a course called Economics as a Quantitative Social Science (EQuSS) for students who are not intending to specialise in economics, and develop a new text called Economy, Society, and Public Policy, and the resources that teachers will need to introduce students to handling the related economic data. Many universities and academics have volunteered to collaborate with us on developing, testing and evaluating the course. On 3 May 2017 we kicked off the project with our first meeting at the offices of the Nuffield […]

Print version of The Economy


CORE has partnered with Oxford University Press to publish a print version of The Economy, available from July 2017. The entire interactive ebook will be available for free online, but for those who want a hard copy – pre-order it from OUP here. You can also request your inspection copy here.        

The Economic Effects of Copyright


Georg von Graevenitz, Senior Lecturer at the School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London, writes about the First Asia-Pacific Workshop on Empirical Methods in Innovation, IP and Competition in a blog post titled ‘The Economic Effects of Copyright – Using CREATe & CORE Resources to Inform Regulators and Lawyers’, originally posted on his Business Analytics, Management and Economics website.   The First Asia-Pacific Workshop on Empirical Methods in Innovation, IP and Competition was held at National Law University in Delhi in early March 2017. The workshop brought together researchers and regulators from India and South East Asia. Sessions focussed on the economics of IP law, […]

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