CORE in action: UCL students, one year on


We asked three UCL students who, in September 2014,  were part of the first cohort to use CORE (one studies Economics, one takes Philosophy and Economics and one studies European Social and Political Studies) what lasting effects has CORE had on their economics education, and what would they change? Mateusz – BSc Economics, 2nd year CORE: What’s your favourite bit of your degree? Mateusz: The degree is based on current research which I’m really enjoying – for example, in World Economy, we were able to read papers that help us connect the theory with practical use. CORE:  Did the CORE syllabus help you with […]

The merits of multiple choice


Feedback on the multiple choice questions (MCQs) we have produced as part of the CORE material has consistently been positive. But why do students – and lecturers – like them so much? Do they actually help students learn better, and teachers assess their students? Dr. Parama Chaudhury (left) is a member of the CORE’s Teaching and Learning Committee – which means she helps come up with the resources we provide to support teachers in adopting and making the most of CORE. What was the motivation behind offering multiple choice quizzes? “We thought that since there was a lot of interesting […]

How a Nobel Laureate introduced students to physics as if the previous 30 years had happened


We asked Professor Simon DeDeo, who runs the Laboratory for Social Minds at Indiana University, to tell us more what we can learn from Richard Feynman (right), whose introductory physics course, first given between 1961 and 1963, tore up the old physics textbooks and has since inspired millions of students. At the recent CORE workshop at the Santa Fe Institute, someone said: “CORE is bringing the frontiers of economics to the front of the book.” Sam Bowles urged me to look at the contents page of an introductory economics textbook. I was shocked. The tremendous strides we’ve made in economics […]

CORE teachers: Simon DeDeo, Indiana University


Simon DeDeo runs the Laboratory for Social Minds at Indiana University, where he is a professor of complex systems and cognitive science. He is also on the external faculty of the Santa Fe Institute (SFI). At CORE’s recent workshop at the SFI, he told us about how Isaac Asimov inspired a cosmologist to teach economics, his frustrations with the “positively ancient” introductory curriculum, and what economics can learn from the great physicist Richard Feynman. What was your path into the social sciences? I began as a physicist; after studying physics and mathematics at Harvard, and then Cambridge, I did my PhD  in cosmology at […]

Workshop: introducing CORE (11 March, Sheffield)


Are you experimenting with the CORE material, or considering it for your economics course? On 11 March 2016, Professors Wendy Carlin and Alvin Birdi will host the second workshop on CORE teaching, jointly organised with the Economics Network. The workshop will be hosted by the Department of Economics at the University of Sheffield and held at the university’s Interdisciplinary Centre of the Social Sciences. The workshop is a great opportunity to find out how to make the switch a success from people who have been teaching using CORE. The workshop will cover: How is CORE’s course different to a traditional text […]

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