About the project

  • The CORE Project has received a 3-year grant from the Nuffield Foundation to develop a new course in which social science students will learn economic methods by grappling with policy issues such as inequality, climate change and innovation.
  • This new project will teach the essential concepts of economics, embedded in their political and social context, and the quantitative skills necessary to the study of economic problems (hence EQuSS – Economics as a Quantitative Social Science).
  • It builds on the success of CORE’s first e-book, The Economy, and will follow the same principles, rooted in real world problems that traditional economics courses often overlook.
  • The focus on economic concepts and tools means economics is not just something the students have learned, but also something they can do. As a result, the course will help meet the skills needs of employers and enhance graduates’ employability. It will promote capability in the understanding and handling of economic data.
  • The CORE-EQuSS team, together with its partners, will be developing the beta version of the e-book, quantitative exercises for students, and materials for teachers. All the material will be provided free-to-access online.
  • We will partner with a few institutions, for example, those participating in the Q-Step Programme, to develop and test the beta version with social science students at undergraduate and masters level. Our initial partners on the project are:
    • UCL Institute of Education and Q-Step Centre
    • University of Bristol Q-Step Centre and Department of Economics
    • Birkbeck College Department of Politics
    • Bangor University Business School
  •  We are keen to engage with other potential partners. To get involved please contact us by email at contact[at]

CORE-EQuSS is supported by the Nuffield Foundation.


  • Position: Lead editor and curriculum coordinator

    The role: The lead editor and curriculum coordinator of CORE-EQuSS will be part of a small team designing the content of the curriculum. The person will have the primary responsibility for adapting the material from CORE’s The Economy for use by students in the social sciences, law, public policy and other disciplines and its integration with new quantitative and other problem solving exercises relevant to public policy.

    Suitable capacities and experience: Passion for creating and teaching an economics that can improve public policy and human welfare, knowledge of economics (at least undergraduate training highly desirable), skills or demonstrated interest in and experience with effective teaching and learning at undergraduate or masters level, writing and editing skills, effectiveness in working with potential users of the new course.

    Terms are flexible and will be discussed with those interested. The work will begin in June 2017 and extend until the version 1.0 is launched in classrooms in autumn 2019; work will be part time with hard deadlines.

    To express interest, email us before Friday June 2 at:

  • First CORE-EQuSS workshop held

    On 3 May 2017 we kicked off the project with our first workshop at the offices of the Nuffield Foundation for potential volunteers and stakeholders. Read more about the workshop on our blog.

The people involved


Wendy Carlin

Professor of Economics
University College London




Sam Bowles

Professor of Economics
Head of the Behavioral Sciences Program, Santa Fe Institute




Margaret Stevens

Margaret Stevens

Professor of Economics
Head of Department of Economics, University of Oxford



Antonio Cabrales 2

Antonio Cabrales

Professor of Economics
University College London





Alvin Birdi

Professor of Economics
Academic Director of Undergraduate Studies, University of Bristol




Tim Burnett

Lecturer in Economics
Bangor Business School





Tak Wing Chan

Professor of Quantitative Social Science
UCL Institute of Education







Richard Harris

Professor of Quantitative Social Geography
University of Bristol





Dunli Li

Teaching Fellow
Department of Economics, University College London






Deborah Mabbett

Professor of Public Policy
Department of Politics at Birkbeck, University of London





Judith Squires

Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education and Students
University of Bristol



Stella Yarrow
CORE EQuSS Project Manager



Eileen Tipoe

CORE EQuSS Research Officer