CORE Projects


Since its beginnings with The Economy ebook, CORE has expanded to include several related projects which contribute to our goals of creating open-access, interactive ebook-based courses for anyone interested in learning about the economy and economics, as well as creating a community of learners and teachers collaborating to make economics accessible and relevant to today’s problems.



The CORE Project has received a 3-year grant from the Nuffield Foundation to develop a new course called Economics as a Quantitative Social Science (EQuSS) for students who are not intending to specialise in economics, and develop a new text called Economy, Society, and Public Policy and the resources that teachers will need to introduce students to handling the related economic data.


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As part of its strategy to improve the teaching of economics CORE is now seeking to expand its outreach and impact in the United States. It will do so in collaboration with Barnard College, which has received a major award from the Teagle Foundation for this purpose. At the heart of the initiative is a series of workshops designed to bring together experienced CORE users and potential adopters, including graduate students.

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