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Small is beautiful


Because electronic publishing means we can we publish the URLs of our sources and data, we created our own URL shortener. So, welcome the “tinyco.re” domain, which we will use to publish links in future, online, in our ebook and in our printed material. As a result the cumbersome http://faculty.econ.ucdavis.edu/faculty/gclark/Farewell to Alms/Allen_JEL_Review.pdf becomes the much neater: tinyco.re/4009062 The “.re” suffix that our shortener uses is the top-level domain (TLD) for Réunion, whose government has been earning revenue by selling .re registrations internationally since 2011, mostly to real estate companies. By coincidence the public Université de La Réunion is one of our […]

CORE In Action: University of La Réunion


At the University of La Réunion, the academic team in charge of the first year of Economic and Social Administration (AES), as well as of Economics and Business, was thoroughly enticed by the philosophy of the CORE project – that is, we should now teach economics ‘as if the last three decades had happened’. The members of that team are Yves Croissant, Sabine Garabedian, Freddy Huet, Zoulfikar Mehoumoud Issop, Stéphane Murday and Olivia Ricci. The economics department at the University of La Réunion recently introduced a new curriculum characterized by a common set of classes to be attended by every […]