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CORE in Action: The “Sustainable Development” Classroom


Dr Teresa Healy, Associate Professor and Chair at SIT Graduate Institute writes about the advantages and challenges of using the CORE syllabus as part of a course on sustainable international development. Students come from all over the world to the SIT Graduate Institute in Vermont to study sustainable international and community-development. In the spring of 2016, I journeyed through the CORE economics curriculum with a group of 16 MA students. Coming from different countries, social identities and academic backgrounds, the students shared a common desire to explore solutions to economic problems, and become self-confident social justice advocates. What they did […]

CORE In Action: University of La Réunion


At the University of La Réunion, the academic team in charge of the first year of Economic and Social Administration (AES), as well as of Economics and Business, was thoroughly enticed by the philosophy of the CORE project – that is, we should now teach economics ‘as if the last three decades had happened’. The members of that team are Yves Croissant, Sabine Garabedian, Freddy Huet, Zoulfikar Mehoumoud Issop, Stéphane Murday and Olivia Ricci. The economics department at the University of La Réunion recently introduced a new curriculum characterized by a common set of classes to be attended by every […]

L’expérience du projet CORE à l’université de La Réunion


A l’université de La Réunion, une équipe d’enseignants intervenant en première année d’Administration Economique et Sociale (AES) et d’économie-gestion a été fortement séduite par la philosophie du projet Core selon laquelle il est temps à présent d’enseigner l’économie comme elle s’est construite ces trois dernières décennies ! Les membres de l’équipe sont Yves Croissant, Sabine Garabedian, Freddy Huet, Zoulfikar Mehoumoud Issop, Stéphane Murday et Olivia Ricci. Le département d’économie de l’université de La Réunion a mis en place récemment une nouvelle maquette d’enseignements qui propose un portail d’accès unique pour des études en économie. C’était donc le moment idéal pour proposer à leurs étudiants un […]

CORE in action: Students at Lahore University of Management Sciences


We spoke to Haleema and Ayesha, two students at the Lahore University of Management Sciences who learnt CORE as part of their syllabus this year, how they found the syllabus, and what would they change? Haleema  – Economics and Political Science, 1st year CORE: What did you think of the CORE material? Haleema: I took Introduction to Microeconomics in my first semester – the course was taught, for the first time, using the CORE textbook and it was a remarkable experience. The textbook, available online and on download, had interactive features such as step by step diagrams and video links that proved immensely […]

CORE in action: UCL students, one year on


We asked three UCL students who, in September 2014,  were part of the first cohort to use CORE (one studies Economics, one takes Philosophy and Economics and one studies European Social and Political Studies) what lasting effects has CORE had on their economics education, and what would they change? Mateusz – BSc Economics, 2nd year CORE: What’s your favourite bit of your degree? Mateusz: The degree is based on current research which I’m really enjoying – for example, in World Economy, we were able to read papers that help us connect the theory with practical use. CORE:  Did the CORE syllabus help you with […]