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Print version of The Economy


CORE has partnered with Oxford University Press to publish a print version of The Economy, available from July 2017. The entire interactive ebook will be available for free online, but for those who want a hard copy – pre-order it from OUP here. You can also request your inspection copy here.        

There’s more than one way to teach CORE


“We see from our teaching workshops that the various  departments that use CORE are being very creative with the resources,” says Alvin Birdi of the teaching and learning committee. “We see different lengths and types of course, we see them using the resources selectively and we see very different approaches to delivering the material in class.” Most of CORE’s authors and volunteers are teachers themselves, and so we understand that not every teacher has the power, resources or the time to make radical changes to the way they teach. Also, we’re conscious that for techniques such as flipping the classroom, […]

Introducing Unit 20: Innovation, information and the networked economy


The study of innovation is missing from most undergraduate economics textbooks. When it is included, it is often relegated to the back of the book. But we’d argue that understanding the economics of innovation is fundamental to understanding growth and technological progress, which is why we have released our first entirely new unit for more than a year (Unit 20), titled Innovation, information and the networked economy. Professor Diane Coyle (University of Manchester), one of the authors of the unit (the others are Georg von Graevenitz of Queen Mary University of London, Sam Bowles and Wendy Carlin) points out that: “The economics of innovation […]

CORE latest release: New U11 to U16, with quizzes and glossary


The revised units keep coming: for January 2016 we have completely rewritten and redesigned Units 11 to 16 (subjects including credit markets and banking, economic fluctuations, unemployment, monetary and fiscal policy, inflation, and the world economy). Now they look and behave like the earlier units, with inline interactive figures, a clearer layout, and better learning tools. The teaching and learning committee have been hard at work too: They have rewritten and expanded the “discuss” questions in the units. If you go to the quiz section, you will find a new set of multiple choice questions (if you have teacher access, we’ve also […]

Test your CORE knowledge using Quizlet


Download our updated glossary (xlsm file) Learn our glossary using Quizlet (requires free Quizlet registration) The downloadable glossary for CORE’s course has proved very popular, and we have updated and improved it – see the download link above. But last year our students asked for more help in learning and revising our course, and a glossary spreadsheet isn’t very useful for that. So we have also taken the glossary for Unit 1 to Unit 10 and broken it into pieces to make 12 flashcard sets to help you learn and revise: follow the other link above to access them. You will need to register […]

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