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From UCL: Results are in!


Professor Antonio Cabrales and Dr Christian Spielmann report preliminary second-year results from University College London – the first cohort to have taken the CORE syllabus. “But, will students who took the CORE intro course be well-prepared for their intermediate economics courses in year two?” Since the introduction of the CORE syllabus at University College London in 2014, this was the question we were most regularly asked by colleagues. Teachers, administrators and even students echoed this concern around the world. We were often tempted to answer: “Yes – they will do well” – we were confident that CORE was teaching them both the economics and […]

CORE in action: Students at Lahore University of Management Sciences


We spoke to Haleema and Ayesha, two students at the Lahore University of Management Sciences who learnt CORE as part of their syllabus this year, how they found the syllabus, and what would they change? Haleema  – Economics and Political Science, 1st year CORE: What did you think of the CORE material? Haleema: I took Introduction to Microeconomics in my first semester – the course was taught, for the first time, using the CORE textbook and it was a remarkable experience. The textbook, available online and on download, had interactive features such as step by step diagrams and video links that proved immensely […]

CORE in action: UCL students, one year on


We asked three UCL students who, in September 2014,  were part of the first cohort to use CORE (one studies Economics, one takes Philosophy and Economics and one studies European Social and Political Studies) what lasting effects has CORE had on their economics education, and what would they change? Mateusz – BSc Economics, 2nd year CORE: What’s your favourite bit of your degree? Mateusz: The degree is based on current research which I’m really enjoying – for example, in World Economy, we were able to read papers that help us connect the theory with practical use. CORE:  Did the CORE syllabus help you with […]

The merits of multiple choice


Feedback on the multiple choice questions (MCQs) we have produced as part of the CORE material has consistently been positive. But why do students – and lecturers – like them so much? Do they actually help students learn better, and teachers assess their students? Dr. Parama Chaudhury (left) is a member of the CORE’s Teaching and Learning Committee – which means she helps come up with the resources we provide to support teachers in adopting and making the most of CORE. What was the motivation behind offering multiple choice quizzes? “We thought that since there was a lot of interesting […]

CORE in action: a focus on data at Birkbeck


CORE was developed to teach economics from a new perspective, so that students can better deal with the economic events of recent decades. A typical student studying CORE is young and studies undergraduate economics full-time. But what is our course like for students who don’t fit this profile? Birkbeck, University of London is an unusual institution in the UK – its students are predominantly mature and from a variety of educational backgrounds – although there are some young students too. Almost all economics students work alongside their studies. Classes begin at 6pm, after most students have completed a full day at work, […]

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