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Small is beautiful


Because electronic publishing means we can we publish the URLs of our sources and data, we created our own URL shortener. So, welcome the “tinyco.re” domain, which we will use to publish links in future, online, in our ebook and in our printed material. As a result the cumbersome http://faculty.econ.ucdavis.edu/faculty/gclark/Farewell to Alms/Allen_JEL_Review.pdf becomes the much neater: tinyco.re/4009062 The “.re” suffix that our shortener uses is the top-level domain (TLD) for Réunion, whose government has been earning revenue by selling .re registrations internationally since 2011, mostly to real estate companies. By coincidence the public Université de La Réunion is one of our […]

Introducing Unit 20: Innovation, information and the networked economy


The study of innovation is missing from most undergraduate economics textbooks. When it is included, it is often relegated to the back of the book. But we’d argue that understanding the economics of innovation is fundamental to understanding growth and technological progress, which is why we have released our first entirely new unit for more than a year (Unit 20), titled Innovation, information and the networked economy. Professor Diane Coyle (University of Manchester), one of the authors of the unit (the others are Georg von Graevenitz of Queen Mary University of London, Sam Bowles and Wendy Carlin) points out that: “The economics of innovation […]

The merits of multiple choice


Feedback on the multiple choice questions (MCQs) we have produced as part of the CORE material has consistently been positive. But why do students – and lecturers – like them so much? Do they actually help students learn better, and teachers assess their students? Dr. Parama Chaudhury (left) is a member of the CORE’s Teaching and Learning Committee – which means she helps come up with the resources we provide to support teachers in adopting and making the most of CORE. What was the motivation behind offering multiple choice quizzes? “We thought that since there was a lot of interesting […]

CORE is hiring


Do you have an interest in economics education and experience of project management? The CORE project is currently looking for a new project manager, based in London. During the next 12 months our project manager will play a leading role in all CORE’s activities, including online publishing, fund-raising, organising workshops, media relations and developing the CORE community of students and innovators. We’re looking for someone who is able to build on the tremendous success of CORE’s initial few years, find solutions for what we haven’t quite managed to get right yet, and help shape our strategy for the future. Download a detailed […]

CORE – en français!


Toute l’équipe de CORE est heureuse de vous annoncer que notre site web est maintenant disponible en français! Vous trouverez l’icône pour changer de langue en haut et à gauche de la page. Il suffit de cliquer sur le drapeau pour accéder au menu déroulant. Notre site explique les ambitions du projet, et donne les détails de nos collaborateurs ainsi que ceux de nos sources de financements. La version traduite de l’e-book sera aussi mise en ligne bientôt. Nous sommes infiniment reconnaissant à tous ceux qui ont rendu possible cette mission: l’équipe de traducteurs, ainsi que Sciences Po qui a […]

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