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CORE in Action: The “Sustainable Development” Classroom


Dr Teresa Healy, Associate Professor and Chair at SIT Graduate Institute writes about the advantages and challenges of using the CORE syllabus as part of a course on sustainable international development. Students come from all over the world to the SIT Graduate Institute in Vermont to study sustainable international and community-development. In the spring of 2016, I journeyed through the CORE economics curriculum with a group of 16 MA students. Coming from different countries, social identities and academic backgrounds, the students shared a common desire to explore solutions to economic problems, and become self-confident social justice advocates. What they did […]

Introducing Unit 20: Innovation, information and the networked economy


The study of innovation is missing from most undergraduate economics textbooks. When it is included, it is often relegated to the back of the book. But we’d argue that understanding the economics of innovation is fundamental to understanding growth and technological progress, which is why we have released our first entirely new unit for more than a year (Unit 20), titled Innovation, information and the networked economy. Professor Diane Coyle (University of Manchester), one of the authors of the unit (the others are Georg von Graevenitz of Queen Mary University of London, Sam Bowles and Wendy Carlin) points out that: “The economics of innovation […]

CORE In Action: University of La Réunion


At the University of La Réunion, the academic team in charge of the first year of Economic and Social Administration (AES), as well as of Economics and Business, was thoroughly enticed by the philosophy of the CORE project – that is, we should now teach economics ‘as if the last three decades had happened’. The members of that team are Yves Croissant, Sabine Garabedian, Freddy Huet, Zoulfikar Mehoumoud Issop, Stéphane Murday and Olivia Ricci. The economics department at the University of La Réunion recently introduced a new curriculum characterized by a common set of classes to be attended by every […]

Workshop: introducing CORE (11 March, Sheffield)


Are you experimenting with the CORE material, or considering it for your economics course? On 11 March 2016, Professors Wendy Carlin and Alvin Birdi will host the second workshop on CORE teaching, jointly organised with the Economics Network. The workshop will be hosted by the Department of Economics at the University of Sheffield and held at the university’s Interdisciplinary Centre of the Social Sciences. The workshop is a great opportunity to find out how to make the switch a success from people who have been teaching using CORE. The workshop will cover: How is CORE’s course different to a traditional text […]