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There’s more than one way to teach CORE


“We see from our teaching workshops that the various  departments that use CORE are being very creative with the resources,” says Alvin Birdi of the teaching and learning committee. “We see different lengths and types of course, we see them using the resources selectively and we see very different approaches to delivering the material in class.” Most of CORE’s authors and volunteers are teachers themselves, and so we understand that not every teacher has the power, resources or the time to make radical changes to the way they teach. Also, we’re conscious that for techniques such as flipping the classroom, […]

CORE – en français!


Toute l’équipe de CORE est heureuse de vous annoncer que notre site web est maintenant disponible en français! Vous trouverez l’icône pour changer de langue en haut et à gauche de la page. Il suffit de cliquer sur le drapeau pour accéder au menu déroulant. Notre site explique les ambitions du projet, et donne les détails de nos collaborateurs ainsi que ceux de nos sources de financements. La version traduite de l’e-book sera aussi mise en ligne bientôt. Nous sommes infiniment reconnaissant à tous ceux qui ont rendu possible cette mission: l’équipe de traducteurs, ainsi que Sciences Po qui a […]

CORE’s progress in 2015


As we begin our work in 2016, we wanted to briefly look back on we have managed to do in the past 12 months. We are very grateful for the funding for CORE provided by INET, Friends Provident Foundation, Azim Premji University, Sciences Po, and UCL: without them we would not have been able to do any of this. And for all of you who contributed this year, we want to thank you for your work: almost all of the CORE community is unpaid, and we couldn’t manage without you. The generosity of our funders and volunteers mean that CORE remains free to […]

Azim Premji University adopts CORE


This week The Times of India (ToI) carried an article claiming that “the way Indian students are introduced to economics needs a lot of improvement”. The person making the claim: Venu Narayan, director of the School of Liberal Studies and Strategic Development at the recently-established Azim Premji University (APU) in Bengaluru. As a response, when APU opens its doors to economics undergraduates for the first time in July 2015, it will teach its economics course using CORE. APU has been an enthusiastic supporter of CORE since day one, providing resources in India that helped make it possible to create our ebook The Economy. In the ToI interview, […]

Il progetto CORE all’Università di Siena


Il Professor Massimo D’Antoni scrive: Il Dipartimento di Economia Politica e Statistica dell’Università di Siena coglie con entusiasmo l’opportunità di partecipare al progetto CORE e contribuire al suo sviluppo. Condividiamo pienamente la visione ispiratrice del progetto: dare agli studenti la possibilità di capire di cosa si occupa l’economia, con un approccio più ampio e aperto possibile, prima di insegnare loro uno specifico modello astratto. L’ebook sviluppato nell’ambito del progetto CORE realizza tale obiettivo, ed è per questo che ne abbiamo previsto l’adozione nell’insegnamento introduttivo di Economia politica della nostra università. Stiamo pertanto lavorando ad una traduzione italiana di “The Economy”, che sarà disponibile entro marzo 2015 per essere utilizzato […]

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