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First CORE – EQuSS workshop


In February we wrote about our grant from the Nuffield Foundation (http://www.core-econ.org/nuffield-foundation-funds-core/). The goal is to create a course called Economics as a Quantitative Social Science (EQuSS) for students who are not intending to specialise in economics, and develop a new text called Economy, Society, and Public Policy, and the resources that teachers will need to introduce students to handling the related economic data. Many universities and academics have volunteered to collaborate with us on developing, testing and evaluating the course. On 3 May 2017 we kicked off the project with our first meeting at the offices of the Nuffield […]

The Economic Effects of Copyright


Georg von Graevenitz, Senior Lecturer at the School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London, writes about the First Asia-Pacific Workshop on Empirical Methods in Innovation, IP and Competition in a blog post titled ‘The Economic Effects of Copyright – Using CREATe & CORE Resources to Inform Regulators and Lawyers’, originally posted on his Business Analytics, Management and Economics website.   The First Asia-Pacific Workshop on Empirical Methods in Innovation, IP and Competition was held at National Law University in Delhi in early March 2017. The workshop brought together researchers and regulators from India and South East Asia. Sessions focussed on the economics of IP law, […]

The launch of CORE-USA


We have had many enquiries from teachers in the US, but until now we have had limited resources to be able to help American institutions that want to adopt CORE. That is set to change, because The Teagle Foundation has awarded Rajiv Sethi and his colleagues Homa Zarghamee and Belinda Archibong at Barnard College for a three-year project worth $290,000 to launch CORE-USA. Rajiv explains in detail what CORE-USA hopes to achieve here in his blog but, in brief, it has the following objectives:   We will identify of a set of institutional partners in the US who share our commitment […]

CORE in Atlanta: The CTREE Conference


Earlier this month, Christian Spielmann, Parama Chaudhury, Alvin Birdi and Peter Matthews travelled to Atlanta, Georgia, to talk to attendees of the Conference on Teaching and Research in Economics Education about the CORE experience. Below is an except from Parama’s updates from the conference. “As a long-time teacher of introductory economics, I had always been intrigued by the use of “widgets” as the focus of discussion about costs and production in intro texts. This was before smartphones and iPads, so it wasn’t referring to a little icon on your screen. As a non-native English speaker, I wondered what a widget is, […]

Workshop: introducing CORE (11 March, Sheffield)


Are you experimenting with the CORE material, or considering it for your economics course? On 11 March 2016, Professors Wendy Carlin and Alvin Birdi will host the second workshop on CORE teaching, jointly organised with the Economics Network. The workshop will be hosted by the Department of Economics at the University of Sheffield and held at the university’s Interdisciplinary Centre of the Social Sciences. The workshop is a great opportunity to find out how to make the switch a success from people who have been teaching using CORE. The workshop will cover: How is CORE’s course different to a traditional text […]

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