A global initiative

sam 23rd février 2019 | Blog

derstandardThe CORE Project was created to help teachers and students everywhere in the world. A quick count of the top-level domains of our subscribers’ emails tells us that we have readers from at least 60 countries already, although there are probably many more we haven’t picked up.

It demonstrates that there’s an appetite for a different type of economics course in many countries, even in places that you wouldn’t immediately associate with the idea. Case in point: today (29 September) Austria’s der Standard newspaper carried an article titled « Universitäten: Aus der Krise nichts gelernt » (« Universities: from the crisis nothing learned »), which discusses the global movement to reform the curriculum. It singles out INET, and our project, as examples of the progress being made in teaching « issues such as globalisation, inequality and crises ».

We don’t always pick up on press coverage in other languages. If you find relevant articles, please let us know.