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Escaping from imaginary worlds – update Sun 13th January 2019

Since 2016 we have been asking economics teachers who are using CORE in instruction around the world to run a simple word clouds exercise. They pose the following question to students on the first day of their introductory classes: ‘What is the most pressing problem economists today should be addressing?’, with the results summarised in […]

SEC winner
CORE Schools Economics Challenge 2018, in collaboration with the Financial Times: The winner is in! Thu 15th November 2018

Congratulations to The European School Karlsruhe, the winner of the CORE Schools Economics Challenge 2018, and especially to Ellen Gerisch (left) and Maria Assanbaev (right), who created the high-speed animation in the winning entry. The European School Karlsruhe will receive £1,500, and Maria and Ellen will share £500 Amazon vouchers. In partnership with the Financial […]

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Live from Bristol Futures Wed 7th November 2018

If you want more detail on this story, listen to the podcast we recorded with Bristol Futures teachers. In August we briefly covered the impending launch of Bristol Futures, which includes a new set of option courses at The University of Bristol. The course we are especially interested in is being taught for the first time […]

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Why Doing Economics has embraced R Thu 20th September 2018

We’ve been delighted by the attention given to our Doing Economics practical projects for students, which we developed at the same time as Economy, Society and Public Policy, our text for non-specialists. You can use these projects alongside any of our material, but they are equally suitable for any course that teaches quantitative methods. Today we’re […]