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CORE offsets its carbon emissions Thu 14th January 2021

CORE is aware of the importance of protecting our planet from the effects of climate change and is committed to playing its role. We are doing so in two ways. Firstly, CORE staff are contributing to this goal by reducing their carbon footprint and working in environmentally responsible ways. For example, we promote virtual participation […]

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Economic impact of virus puts COVID-19 near top of students’ concerns Fri 27th November 2020

Students who embarked on undergraduate economics courses in the autumn of 2020 found themselves trying to understand the impacts of the most serious health and economics crisis for at least a century. While the world is still engaged in the fight against COVID-19, leading academics are already thinking about the lessons the pandemic has for […]

Web monetization case study Mon 16th November 2020

At CORE, we believe that our content should be freely available, and that we should experiment with forward-thinking ways to generate income to support our charitable work – while always protecting the privacy of our users and the quality of our work. In one of those experiments, we’re part of a study into a new […]

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CORE Doing Economics Competition 2020 Tue 18th August 2020

In a nutshell The CORE Project is launching the Doing Economics Data Competition 2020. The competition is open to any student enrolled in any undergraduate degree program in any country. We present students with the following challenge: Using one of the data analysis techniques in CORE’s Doing Economics, produce a short report that identifies a specific policy […]