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school strike for climate
The winners of the 2019 Schools Economics Challenge Mon 4th November 2019

Why is addressing climate change so difficult? That’s the question we posed in the 2019 Schools Economics Challenge, in which we partnered with the Financial Times for Schools. Teams were challenged to create an accessible and entertaining short video, making use of The Economy (if you’re wondering what we have to say about the climate […]

ESPP cover image
What students and their teachers tell us about ESPP Fri 30th August 2019

“I told them it would be experimental,” says Carlos Cortinhas, who introduced the first beta units of Economy, Society and Public Policy (ESPP) to his students at the University of Exeter in 2018, “I explained to them that’s what economics is about. We try experiments. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t.” Carlos created one […]

ESPP cover image
Launching today: Economy, Society and Public Policy version 1.0 Tue 27th August 2019

Today we can unveil the 1.0 version of Economy, Society and Public Policy (ESPP), designed to introduce the power and excitement of economics to a wider audience – whether they are non-specialists taking a course in economics, in the workplace, or learning for themselves. ESPP 1.0 is online now and, as always, is free and […]

Andy Haldane
Q&A with Andy Haldane, Bank of England Fri 19th July 2019

Andy Haldane, Chief Economist and Executive Director, Monetary Analysis & Statistics at the Bank of England has been spearheading the efforts of the Bank to engage more fully with the public, and to encourage greater understanding of its role, and of the data the Bank publishes. He has also been an enthusiastic supporter of CORE, […]