Dernières actualités et blogs de l’équipe de CORE

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The new release of Doing Economics mar 14th janvier 2020

Click on our Doing Economics projects today and you will find that they have been revised and expanded, as part of our continuing commitment to helping students, whether they are studying economics or not, develop the data-handling skills that will be important both to their job prospects and for society. Lord O’Donnell, former Cabinet Secretary, […]

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CORE is hiring! mar 7th janvier 2020

CORE is looking to hire a Project Officer to help us run one of the most innovative projects in economics education, producing online resources that are used and appreciated by thousands of students and teachers in over 310 universities in 63 countries. We are looking for someone who: cares deeply about creating sustainable change in […]

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Econofides: CORE in French high schools lun 16th décembre 2019

In France many economists have been asking for a long time how we can make the economy exciting for high school students. But, then again, so have the teenagers who toil to learn about it, and the teachers who want to teach it. And France isn’t unusual. The magic fortress of economic concepts often seems […]

school strike for climate
The winners of the 2019 Schools Economics Challenge lun 4th novembre 2019

Why is addressing climate change so difficult? That’s the question we posed in the 2019 Schools Economics Challenge, in which we partnered with the Financial Times for Schools. Teams were challenged to create an accessible and entertaining short video, making use of The Economy (if you’re wondering what we have to say about the climate […]