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Getting our facts right Wed 17th April 2019

When reading The Economy, are you intrigued by our claim that “white people who think that being white is important to getting ahead strongly support redistribution to the poor,” and want to find out more? Maybe you are sceptical that Thriller, by Michael Jackson “is the best-selling music album in history”. Or do you just […]

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CORE Schools Economics Challenge 2019 Mon 8th April 2019

The CORE Project, with the help of our partners Financial Times for schools, is launching the CORE Schools Economics Challenge 2019. We are challenging students in schools across the world to create an accessible and entertaining short video, making use of CORE’s free ebook The Economy. This year’s theme is:  “Why is addressing climate change so difficult?” […]

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CORE call for research proposals – economics’ ‘gender problem’ Fri 8th March 2019

We invite CORE teachers, students and others to propose ways to explore whether our introductory courses The Economy and Economy, Society, and Economic Policy may help to correct the gender imbalances in those studying and teaching economics, or in the economy and society at large. Find out more by downloading a one-page call for proposals. […]

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The First Year Challenge: Multimedia undergraduate research (and beyond) Mon 4th March 2019

Every year at UCL, the First Year Challenge (FYC) yields a vibrant range of creative submissions by first year economics students, and the 2018 competition was no different (you can find all the shortlisted videos here). This competition involves groups of students who are assigned a key location in central London. Their task: create a […]