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Economy, Society, and Public Policy second release: Units 6 to 9 online, and R too Mon 18th June 2018

Today we are releasing the next four units of Economy, Society, and Public Policy (ESPP) in their first beta version. That means nine of the 12 units are now available online. Students can now learn about The firm: Employees, managers, and owners (Unit 6) Firms and the market for goods and services (Unit 7), The labour […]

Helping teaching assistants switch to CORE Wed 13th June 2018

On 4 June Gonzalo Paz Pardo, one of our Postgraduate Teaching Assistants, was one of only 12 people (and the only teaching assistant) to win a Provost’s Education Award for his work at UCL. The UCL Education Awards “recognise the work … that has enabled excellent practice or facilitated innovation in teaching and learning”. In Gonzalo’s […]

AUAF students
Inspiration for the future in Afghanistan Tue 5th June 2018

When Omar Joya joined the faculty at the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) in Kabul in 2017, he realised that the economics in the standard introductory textbooks he started to teach often had little to do with the lives of his students. “The textbooks I was teaching were a long way from reality in countries […]

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CORE Schools Economics Challenge 2018 Mon 21st May 2018

The CORE Project, with the help of our partners FT Secondary Schools, is launching the CORE Schools Economics Challenge 2018. We are challenging students in schools across the world to create an accessible and entertaining short video on an economic topic. This year’s theme is:  “Ten years on from the global financial crisis”   If you […]