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How Germany flattened the curve Tue 30th June 2020

CORE links modern economic methods to pressing policy challenges: mounting inequalities, climate change, concerns about power in the workplace, and financial instability. COVID-19 has highlighted inequalities in new ways, demonstrated the risks of ignoring pollution linked to climate change and underscored the role of governments in stabilising economies, coordinating responses and preparing for adversity. The […]

What next for CORE? Wed 4th March 2020

In our previous blog from our 2020 symposium at the Bank of England we covered what we have achieved so far. But most of our agenda was dedicated, quite rightly, to what comes next. Here are three highlights from the day. Encouraging more student participation in economics One of the inspirations for CORE was the […]

CORE’s work is just beginning

Picture: Wendy Carlin opens the CORE Symposium at the Bank of England, 26 February 2020. Three years on from the inception of the project that created Economy, Society, and Public Policy and Doing Economics, and six and a half years from the launch of the CORE Project, it’s time to ask ourselves two questions: what […]

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The new release of Doing Economics Tue 14th January 2020

Click on our Doing Economics projects today and you will find that they have been revised and expanded, as part of our continuing commitment to helping students, whether they are studying economics or not, develop the data-handling skills that will be important both to their job prospects and for society. Lord O’Donnell, former Cabinet Secretary, […]