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Sciences Po is using CORE
Sciences Po is using CORE mar 10th février 2015

We’re delighted that one of the world’s top universities for social sciences, Sciences Po in Paris, is using our ebook The Economy to teach its Introduction to Macroeconomics this term. All 1,250 first-year economics students take this course. Preparing lectures involved even more work than usual for Professor Yann Algan (pictured). He led a team of volunteers that […]

New year, new units: CORE's January beta
New year, new units: CORE’s January beta lun 12th janvier 2015

As students return to their courses after the holiday, CORE is launching its January 2015 beta of The Economy, featuring six completely new units. As always, it is free for you to download: if you haven’t used our material before, there’s a simple registration process. If you already use the course on a mobile device, […]

The CORE Project one year on
The CORE Project one year on lun 22nd décembre 2014

A year ago Her Majesty’s Treasury hosted the launch of the Curriculum Open-access Resources in Economics (CORE) project, dedicated to changing the way that students learn economics. The project group proposed to introduce a free online introductory set of teaching and learning materials embodying the best of modern economics, including new thinking emerging since the […]

Santiago CORE workshop starts today
Santiago CORE workshop starts today lun 3rd novembre 2014

Our colleague Camila Cea in Chile sends us notice of our first Latin American workshop (scroll down for English translation), featuring contributions from many of our authors, and our steering committee: « Este es el primer Workshop Internacional de Curriculum Open Access Resources in Economics (CORE-ECON). Se realizará los días 3, 4 y 5 de noviembre en la […]