Dernières actualités et blogs de l’équipe de CORE

The FT on the CORE rollout
The FT on the CORE rollout jeu 25th septembre 2014

In an article (« Universities to revamp economics courses ») published Monday describing our ebook, the Financial Times reported that « Universities across four continents are rolling out a revamped economics curriculum » (requires free registration). Among other subjects the article covered the potential impact of our material on teaching methods: « This leaves more time for applications to policy and empirical problems in class, » […]

The « O » in CORE: open-access mar 9th septembre 2014

The « O » in CORE stands for « open-access ». Some of you have contacted us to ask what this means in practice. Rajiv Sethi, professor of Economics at Barnard College, Columbia University, and one of the economists who helped create The Economy, explains clearly in this helpful blog why The CORE Project has a bigger goal than the creation […]

The CORE Project Facebook page
The CORE Project Facebook page sam 6th septembre 2014

We are a small group, mostly made up of volunteers, so one of the challenges for us in making the beta version of our ebook available was how to cope with the comments, requests for support or questions that we will receive in the next few months. We’d also like to give you a place to discuss the course […]

The CORE Project ebook beta launches today
The CORE Project ebook beta launches today ven 5th septembre 2014

We have many people to thank for helping to create our course material, but today we would like to give special thanks to the students who are taking ECON101 at the University of Massachusetts Boston, and their lecturer Arjun Jayadev, associate professor of Economics. The UMass freshmen have just become the first students to take an […]