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Why Minsky matters
Why Minsky matters Tue 25th March 2014

Project director Wendy Carlin was interviewed by the Analysis programme on Radio 4 this week to discuss a subject that would have been inconceivable 10 years ago: the legacy of macroeconomist Hyman Minsky, and why it matters. You can listen to it on the BBC iPlayer here. The programme quotes Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen […]

Varieties of capitalism
Varieties of capitalism Thu 2nd January 2014

During the Christmas and New Year break one of our most difficult problems has been to create a plan for the CORE curriculum that lives up to our promise to teach economics “as if the last three decades had happened” while not overloading the course. If we claim that modern economics is often too narrow […]

Paul Seabright on micro:
Paul Seabright on micro: “Beauty, simplicity, and lack of realism” Mon 9th December 2013

In a new post at Project Syndicate, Prof Paul Seabright (right) of the Toulouse School of Economics focuses on the central problem of teaching introductory microeconomics: how to reconcile elegance and clarity with reality. We should do more, he says, to show undergraduates that realistic economic models can be understood with comparatively simple tools. He describes […]

Saving the baby, not the bathwater
Saving the baby, not the bathwater Tue 3rd December 2013

Since the launch of the CORE curriculum project, the amount of interest in how economics is taught has surprised (in a good way) even our team. Some of the most authoritative names in academic economics have joined the debate. The argument made by three of them in the past week is that we don’t need […]