Latest news and blogs from the CORE team

Deborah Mabbett
Why non-specialists need to understand economics Wed 31st January 2018

Deborah Mabbett is one of our enthusiastic volunteers who are helping to shape our new e-book for students not specialising in economics, Economy, Society, and Public Policy. She explains why she got involved. Who are you? I am a professor in the Department of Politics at Birkbeck, and convenor of a masters degree programme in […]

Crowdsourcing a better textbook Fri 26th January 2018

In early 2017, after one of his Introduction to Economics lectures at the University of Manchester, Mihai Codreanu overheard one of his fellow students asking about comparative advantage. Afterwards, he sat down with his colleague to work through the examples in The Economy in more detail. He did the calculations, drew the graphs, and found […]

lecture hall
Royal Economic Society announces support for The CORE Project Tue 28th November 2017

The Royal Economic Society (RES) has announced a three-year funding programme for the CORE project. The funds will help to train and build networks of teachers who wish to switch to use CORE’s approach to teaching economics, and to introduce the material to PhD students and new lecturers. CORE will partner with the Economics Network […]

simon gallacher
Q-Step and CORE-EQuSS: similar perspectives Mon 27th November 2017

CORE is drawing on the experience of the Q-Step centres in the UK to develop its new course for students who are not specialising in economics and aren’t expected to have advanced maths skills, CORE EQuSS. We asked Simon Gallacher to tell us more: Who are you? I am Simon Gallacher, Head of Student Programmes at the […]