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ESPP in three minutes Tue 13th March 2018

If you want a short introduction to CORE’s new ebook, Economy, Society and Public Policy (ESPP), here’s a walkthrough of some of the main features.

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Learning by “Doing Economics” Thu 8th March 2018

If you’re taking a look at the first five units of ESPP, you may have noticed a section in the contents for each unit called Doing Economics.  Doing Economics is an exciting new project for CORE. When  completed, there will be one for each unit in ESPP. Each project gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on […]

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The many uses of ESPP Wed 7th March 2018

Yesterday we launched our new project: Economy, Society, and Public Policy (ESPP). But CORE has published an economics textbook already. So who is ESPP designed to help? The short answer is: anyone who wants to learn about the economy, society and public policy for whom The Economy might be too big a step. Our main target […]

ESPP by the people who helped to create it
ESPP by the people who helped to create it Tue 6th March 2018

If you would like to know more about why The CORE Team created ESPP and Doing Economics, and how we think it might be used, listen to this podcast (9 mins) featuring Wendy Carlin of CORE and UCL, Michael Muthukrishna of the London School of Economics, Simon Gallacher at our grant funders The Nuffield Foundation, and Alvin […]