CORE February beta: crises, the environment and inequality

Mon 16th February 2015 | Blog

U19 coverToday we release the February beta of The Economy. You can find instructions on how to use the CORE material on our home page (mobile app users: don’t forget to update). This release includes three new units that complete the course:

  • Unit 17: In The Great Depression, the golden age of capitalism and the global financial crisis Wendy Carlin and Sam Bowles show that, since the end of the first world war, three periods of downturn and instability have punctuated the economic history of the advanced capitalist economies, and that economists have learned different lessons from each of them.
  • Unit 18: In Economics and the environment Juan Camilo Cardenas, Cameron Hepburn, Begüm Özkaynak and Alex Teytelboym explain how economic activity affects life on a planet with limited resources and a fragile environment.
  • Unit 19: In Economic inequality Suresh Naidu and Sam Bowles show how economic disparities are mostly a matter of where you are born and who your parents are, and demonstrate how changes in policies and institutions can reduce inequalities. Our thanks to Tuca Vieira, who provided the cover picture for this unit (above).

As always, The Economy is a free download and, if you have feedback or suggestions, let us know what you think.