CORE in Atlanta: The CTREE Conference

By Tim Phillips, CORE
Fri 1st July 2016 | Blog

Earlier this month, Christian Spielmann, Parama Chaudhury, Alvin Birdi and Peter Matthews travelled to Atlanta, Georgia, to talk to attendees of the Conference on Teaching and Research in Economics Education about the CORE experience. Below is an except from Parama’s updates from the conference.

“As a long-time teacher of introductory economics, I had always been intrigued by the use of “widgets” as the focus of discussion about costs and production in intro texts. This was before smartphones and iPads, so it wasn’t referring to a little icon on your screen. As a non-native English speaker, I wondered what a widget is, and why this was so prominent in the study of economics. So it was gratifying to hear Peter report one of his high-achieving students from Middlebury asking,


“What the f*&% is a widget?!”


What was alarming though was how many of the 20-odd people in the audience reported their students not questioning the significant presence of widgets in their economics curriculum.”

The full text is available here.