CORE latest release: New U11 to U16, with quizzes and glossary

Mon 18th January 2016 | Blog

U11 to U16The revised units keep coming: for January 2016 we have completely rewritten and redesigned Units 11 to 16 (subjects including credit markets and banking, economic fluctuations, unemployment, monetary and fiscal policy, inflation, and the world economy). Now they look and behave like the earlier units, with inline interactive figures, a clearer layout, and better learning tools.

U11 MCQThe teaching and learning committee have been hard at work too:

  • They have rewritten and expanded the “discuss” questions in the units.
  • If you go to the quiz section, you will find a new set of multiple choice questions (if you have teacher access, we’ve also made a set of MCQs to use in lectures).
  • We’ve updated the downloadable glossary and quizlets.

We have already started on updates to Units 17 to 19, and we’re also creating some new ones. As ever, let us know what you think (and, if you find an error, please tell us – we are constantly updating and improving, and your help is important).