CORE Schools Economics Challenge 2019

school strike for climate
Mon 8th April 2019 | Blog

The CORE Project, with the help of our partners Financial Times for schools, is launching the CORE Schools Economics Challenge 2019. We are challenging students in schools across the world to create an accessible and entertaining short video, making use of CORE’s free ebook The Economy. This year’s theme is:

 “Why is addressing climate change so difficult?”

The school strike for climate, an international movement of school students organised a global protest on 15 March 2019 to demand action to prevent climate change. As Greta Thunberg, the student who inspired school climate strikes across Europe, told the FT: “We don’t have time to wait for us to grow up and fix this in the future. The people who are in power now need to do this now.”

The 2019 challenge

Using CORE’s The Economy as a resource, present a three-minute video on the theme: “Why is addressing climate change so difficult?”

The competition is open to all – you do not need to be studying economics at school in order to enter – or to win! To get you started, there are a lot of useful resources on our site, particularly Unit 20 of The Economy, and the FT’s climate change coverage. If you need inspiration, you can watch the winning entries from our 2017 and 2018 competitions. See what previous winners have to say about the challenge:

For this year’s competition CORE has again partnered with the Financial Times, and you can find multiple resources on FT for schools which offers “articles to help get ahead in exams and interviews”, and is available free online for 16-19 year olds and their teachers after a simple registration here.

You will compete for three cash prizes:

  • 1st place: £1,000 for the school and £500 Amazon vouchers for students
  • 2nd place: £750 for the school and £300 Amazon vouchers for students
  • 3rd place: £500 for the school and £200 Amazon vouchers for students

Participating schools may each enter one additional collaborative entry with another local school to compete for a separate prize of £1,000 for each school and £500 Amazon vouchers for students.

The closing date for entries is 30 September 2019. For guidelines, and to find out more detail about the competition, read our Overview and the Terms and conditions documents, linked to below.


CORE-SEC 2019 Overview

CORE-SEC 2019 Terms and conditions

CORE-SEC 2019 Entry Form

CORE-SEC 2019 Consent Form