Producing Doing Economics

Doing Economics was conceived of and coordinated by Eileen Tipoe, University of Oxford and researcher for the CORE EQuSS project, and co-authored with Ralf Becker, University of Manchester, who devised the ‘Working in R’ sections of the book. Ralf was assisted by the late James Lincoln, University of Manchester, in preparing the R walk-throughs. Arthur Turrell, Bank of England, devised the ‘Working in Python’ sections of the book. Tim Phillips of the CORE project created the Excel video walk-throughs. Oliver Yimeng Zhang drafted the project solutions, and Clemens Blab drafted the Google Sheets walk-throughs. They were advised by the empirical projects working group, a team of experts in the teaching and use of economic and social data. Stella Yarrow was the project manager.


Peter Backus, Lucy Barnes, Wendy Carlin, Wing Chan, Carlos Cortinhas, Marion Dumas, Stefania Paredes Fuentes, Thaana Galia, Georg von Graevenitz, Arthur Grimes, David Hope, Girol Karacaoglu, Dunli Li, Deborah Mabbett, Marta Martinez Matute, Anand Murugesan, Michael Muthukrishna, Mary O’Mahony, Mark Schaffer, Christian Spielmann, Margaret Stevens, Guglielmo Volpe, Stephen Wright.

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Doing Economics is produced and maintained by the Electric Book Works team.


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