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The last 12 months have been a stunning success for the CORE Team. We have achieved things that many of us thought would be impossible. But we need your help so that CORE can continue to do our ground-breaking work.

CORE shows economics is a way to understand the world’s great challenges and together, we can revolutionise the way economics is taught. The Economist says CORE’s success could mean “a broader array of perspectives within economics departments, bigger and bolder research questions—and fewer profession-shaking traumas in future.” September 2017.

We have the commitment, the tools, and the volunteers, but we cannot do this overnight. Your donation will help to extend CORE’s reach and make the project sustainable.


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We are asking you to help us make the best economics free online to anyone on the planet.

We work on a limited budget because our content, review and piloting is contributed free by top researchers and teachers around the world who volunteer their time.

Using this unique resource, in the next 12 months we can produce new ebooks, introduce CORE in many more university courses all over the world, extend the reach of CORE into schools, translate and localize in more languages, and train new teachers. But we need your help to make that possible.

If you’re wondering how we will put your contribution to work, consider the last 12 months in CORE’s journey. In that time, we have:

As well as doing this, we have created a library full of questions, support materials, and teaching aids. We have run workshops, created competitions for high school students, and designed evaluations of the effectiveness of learning using CORE.