EconFrame 2023

CORE Econ’s photo competition to capture real-world economics in a snapshot.


Capture economics in a snapshot

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Econ Frame is a photo competition running at UCL since 2019. From 2022, we would like to extend the competition to include students studying with CORE Econ in high schools and universities all around the world.

As part of the competition, students are invited to submit a photo that captures an economic concept that is covered in CORE Econ (meaning, in any of the CORE Econ’s ebooks – The Economy including translations and adaptations, ESPP, and Doing Economics, CORE Insights and Experiencing Economics). Along with an original photo, they should provide a title and an abstract of up to 150 words explaining how the photo relates to the relevant concept. Group submissions are welcome. This video explains the competition by going through a photo example that captures the concept of “negative external effects”. You can also view past year’s winners at UCL.

The top three submissions will be awarded with £100, £75 and £50 in Amazon vouchers and showcased on the CORE Econ website.

In addition to awarding students, we value the role of instructors in creatively incorporating this competition in their teaching of CORE Econ and invite them to share their experience with the CORE Econ Teaching Community, as contributors to our project.

The three winners of Econ Frame 2022

Deadline, submission instructions, and important documents  

The deadline for this competition is 26 April, 11.59pm (UK time).

You should submit your entry using this submission form:

An entry is complete if it includes:

  • one original photo in PNG or JPG/JPEG format only, screenshots will not be accepted
  • a description of maximum 150 words explaining how the photo relates to concepts explained in any CORE Econ ebook (The Economy (in all its translations); The Economy: A South Asian Perspective; Economy, Society, and Public Policy; Doing Economics; Experiencing Economics; CORE Insights). Descriptions can be provided in your native language, in which case they should be accompanied by an English translation,
  • the location of the picture and a brief description (max. 30 words) of the location. This does not count towards the 150 words limit mentioned above,
  • the participant name(s), their institution(s) and a correspondence email address.

Please read the competition’s terms and conditions, which contain all the information you need to know to participate in this competition, including:

  • eligibility,
  • types of photographs allowed,
  • judging criteria.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

Last updated on 21 June 2023