Praise for Economy, Society, and Public Policy

‘The best innovation in economic education that I have seen in my career. A smorgasbord of ideas that refresh our old concepts, moving our standard discourse from dismal to light, from a dehumanized science to a spirited vision of the world.’ — Christian Gollier, Founder and Director, Toulouse School of Economics, France

‘We were warned by the course leader before the start that we would not see the world in the same way after studying the module and this proved to be the case.’ — Simon Greaves, Financial Times and MSc PPE student at Birkbeck, University of London, UK

‘We chose Economy, Society, and Public Policy because we have a very diverse cohort — most students were bored whilst others were struggling to keep pace. … I have just finished teaching the first cohort of nearly 500 students and they seem to be highly engaged.’ — Carlos Cortinhas, University of Exeter, UK

Economy, Society, and Public Policy was a very successful text for non-Economics majors that focuses on the real world and data, and was meaningful to their own experience of the world.’ — Mark Dodd, University of Adelaide, Australia

ESPP teaches you how to address complex issues such as inequality and unemployment by simultaneously using all the tools in the toolbox. As a public policy student, this approach allowed me to evaluate current events and policy proposals with a comprehensive lens.’ — Alaina Leggette, MPA student at Columbia University SIPA, US

‘ESPP shares all the advantages of the CORE curriculum with a clear public policy focus. Policy problems, real data examples, and the companion Doing Economics make the frontier of modern economics accessible to students from all backgrounds without sacrificing rigorousness.’ — Humberto Llavador, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

‘Unlike traditional textbooks, Economy, Society, and Public Policy uniquely demonstrates how economics helps to address major policy challenges and debates, and how economists use the toolbox (models, data and narrative) to explain the real-world phenomena.’ — Dunli Li, Teaching Fellow in Economics, University College London, UK

Economy, Society, and Public Policy is a great book for the economics course in our MPA program where the economics background of the students varies greatly. The upfront topics like income distribution and climate change immediately engage the students regardless of background.’ — Jeffrey Miller, Gallaudet University, US

‘Comprehending economics is no easy task, but Economy, Society, and Public Policy optimally breaks down complex economic concepts into digestible and straightforward pieces. The comprehensive policy tools offered in the book are used to analyze complex real-world problems, past and present.’ — Dohun Na, MPA student at Columbia University SIPA, US

Economy, Society, and Public Policy is an outstanding resource for teaching economic principles to students who will not major in the field. It provides an accessible yet comprehensive introduction to the economic ideas that are essential for understanding politics and policy.’ — Matthew DiGiuseppe, Leiden University, Netherlands

‘I would recommend Economy, Society, and Public Policy as an excellent resource for a wide range of courses teaching introductory economics with a focus on public policy. It takes some of the key material from The Economy and re-packages it for students who are not specializing in economics, and who want to see the subject in a wider context. I appreciate the increased focus on data, with links to Doing Economics.’ — Stephen Wright, Birkbeck, University of London, UK

Economy, Society, and Public Policy makes economics accessible and relatable. Its many real-life applications of economic theory equip future policymakers with a valuable toolkit for understanding and acting on the trade-offs inherent in many policy settings.’ — Ashley Litwin, Quantitative Methods student at Columbia University, US

‘Students were extremely pleased with ESPP … I’ve taught several courses over the past couple of years and never before have my students been so engaged and enthusiastic about the textbook. — Agnar Helgason, University of Iceland, Iceland