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Cover: Aerial view of a city, Magnifier / Unit 1: Extreme wealth inequality in Mexico City, Santa Fe District: Johnny Miller / africanDRONE. Unit 2: Chinese men playing chess, zhuda/ Unit 3: Scales of justice, r.classen/ Unit 4: Clock mechanism, MarkoV87 / Unit 5: View of Macau old town, Prin Adulyatham/ Unit 6: Aerial view of office, / Unit 7: Warehouse shelving, SasinTipchai / Unit 8: Workers in a factory, Frame China / Unit 9: Man in front of Moneyshop, Thinglass / Unit 10: Abandoned housing development, Keshcarrigan, Ireland, Aidan Crawley / Bloomberg News Unit 11: Factories emitting smoke, Balu / Unit 12: Children lying on the floor of the Michigan Legislature, Lester Graham / Michigan Radio

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