Who funds CORE?

We are grateful for the support of the following organizations

Our funders at core

Friends Provident Foundation

The Friends Provident Foundation supports CORE with two grants. The initial grant awarded in 2015 supported the creation of new teaching, learning and assessment resources (freely available in The Economy e-book and on the CORE website); creation of a rich learning environment that can be used by economics students and the general public; diffusion of the CORE curriculum through the university system and beyond; and the creation of communities of teachers and learners through workshops and other promotional activities. The second grant awarded in 2019 is intended to support CORE with operational costs and enable the maintenance of the project, delivery of outputs and scaling up to ensure continued success and viability of the project. The most prominent output of these activities will be The Economy 2.0 edition and the creation of additional teaching and learning materials.


The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation supports CORE with two grants. The first grant, awarded in 2018, is an operational grant that enables further organisational development, as well as technological development of the CORE publishing platform to enable the delivery of additional interactive teaching and learning materials. The second grant was awarded in 2020 for CORE to continue its work on transforming the content and pedagogy of introductory economics with a special focus on developing US specific content.


Omidyar Network

Omidyar Network supports further development of CORE’s digital infrastructure to facilitate the creation of new CORE content and its delivery through a new integrated learning environment tailored for the needs of the diverse global community of CORE users. Omidyar Network is supporting CORE’s response to COVID-19. In addition, together with the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation grant, Omidyar Network supports the development of CORE’s US specific content.


Partners for a New Economy

A grant from the Partners for a New Economy will enable CORE to revise its highly successful ebook The Economy to make climate change one of its two centrepieces, together with inequality. CORE will use the climate crisis to introduce beginning students of economics to the importance of instability as well as stability in economic systems. They will learn about tipping points, disequilibrium processes and other aspects of dynamic analysis that can be applied not only to climate but also to financial instability and poverty traps. This is a primary objective of The Economy 2.0 project and a novel challenge for the economics profession at the introductory level. Support from the grant is also provided for teacher and student user reviews and expert reviews of The Economy 2.0, as well as bringing the course to the attention of teachers and university decision-makers through workshops and conferences and media exposure.


The Teagle Foundation

The Teagle Foundation supports the CORE USA Project in its effort to expand and strengthen the network of CORE instructors and students in American colleges. The foundation has helped CORE USA run annual teaching workshops and launch the CORE-Teagle Fellowship program for graduate student instructors. Through the grant received from the Teagle Foundation, CORE USA is also working to build a cross-campus consortium of colleges and universities that will help generate awareness about the CORE curriculum.


Royal Economic Society


University College London



Open Society Foundations


Nuffield Foundation


The Behavioral Sciences Program of the Santa Fe Institute


International Economic Association


Institute for New Economic Thinking