How are we building the CORE curriculum?

ven 14th août 2020 | Blog

pilot3Following last week’s articles about us in the FT and the Economist, we remind you – and ourselves – of what project leader Wendy Carlin said at our launch: we need to move on from good ideas, because we have committed to pilot a new introductory economics course in less than a year. So we’re already hard at work creating the CORE curriculum for launch in September 2014.

We will use this blog to keep you in touch with what we’re doing between now and then; and to preview the look of some of the material.

pilot1The contributors who are creating the 21 course units are already working on the first drafts. In Bangalore, the developers and designers are working on the delivery platforms, checking that we can create material that can be used on the smartphones and tablets that students use (see screenshot, right), and also on paper. We’re speaking to experts on how the material should be taught (see below), and taking their advice.

Many of you who have been in touch to offer help and advice, and to ask questions. We read and take note of everything, even if it is not always possible, with our limited resources, to answer each enquiry personally. We will try to answer some of the most frequent questions in posts on this site during 2014.

pilot4In early 2014, the draft material will be reviewed, edited and designed, and we’ll be able to write about it in more detail: the choices we made on what to put in and what to leave out, how we present some of the debates in modern economics and how we review the material to ensure the best possible quality. We will also describe our attempt to build an evolving curriculum, one that can respond to feedback from teachers, academics and – most importantly – the students who will be taking our course.

If you have questions, or would like us to explain a particular aspect of what we are doing on this blog, let us know by adding a comment below. Meanwhile, please subscribe to receive new posts by email using the link on the right, and follow our Twitter feed.