How to buy The Economy print book


Buy The Economy 1.0 print book

Below you can find details on how individuals and university bookstores can purchase the book.


Readers outside of South Africa can purchase the book through bookstores by consulting their catalogues – most bookstores access the Ingram catalogue; or on Amazon.

Readers in South Africa can purchase the book on

Please be aware that we are unable to send inspection copies to existing or prospective instructors. Instead, we recommend you register as an instructor on the CORE website, or log in to your existing account, and access the PDF files for the 22 units of The Economy.

University bookstores

We would be grateful if you could please inform your university bookstore about the updated process to purchase The Economy. Your bookstore should:

  • sign up for an Ingram account, or…
  • log in to their Ingram account if already registered,
  • head to Ingram’s catalogue,
  • search for The Economy by title, or by ISBN (978-1-8381656-6-6).


If you have any questions, you can write to us at [email protected].