How to register for our ebook

Wed 25th March 2015 | Blog

Our interactive ebook, called The Economy, is the best way to experience the CORE material. It is free to access, but you need to register, as thousands of you have done already. A few of our readers have pointed out that we should simplify the registration process. We agree, and we will be working on it. Until then, here’s a six-step guide to registration (you can also download this guide as a PDF, if you want to print it out so that you have it to hand when you set up your account).

You will need logins for both CORE and a site called Inkling, which is a free platform that hosts the ebook. You can use the same email and password combination for both if you wish, but you will have to register separately. This is how the process works:

  1. Sign up for CORELog in 1

On our home page you will see a registration button on the right hand side of the page (circled in blue, above). Click it to go to our registration site.

  1. Enter your registration detailsLog in 2

The form is straightforward to fill in, and asks for your email and a password. When you have filled in all the boxes, click to complete the registration. You are now registered at CORE.

  1. Check your email inboxLog in 5

You should have two new emails. One is from CORE, and the other is from Inkling. Open the Inkling email. Click on the link in the email (highlighted in blue, above).

  1. Choose an Inkling passwordLog in 6

This takes you to Inkling, where our ebook is hosted, and which uses a separate login because it is not part of CORE. It asks you to choose an Inkling password. When you click on “Submit”, your registration is complete.

  1. Access the ebookLog in 7

Go to, and you will see The Economy has automatically been placed in your Inkling library. You can start reading immediately.

Bookmark this page so that it’s easy to return to Inkling.

  1. Access the additional resources

At you can use your CORE login to access non-interactive PDF copies of the course units, as well as to send feedback.

We hope this helps any of you who tried to register and got stuck, and encourages you to try out the interactive version if you have been using the PDFs.