Our new web site

Thu 1st October 2015 | Blog

If you’re reading this on our web site, you’ll have noticed that things look a bit different around here. We have made a lot of changes that will make it easier to use (there are even more changes inside our ebook). Here’s a quick summary:

1. Two clicks to the ebook

Click buttonIf you registered for our ebook last year, you’ll remember that this process was far too complicated. We’ve simplified all that, and now you can get to the ebook by clicking on Login in our menu bar, or the button labelled Read the ebook on the front page. If you have already signed up last year, there’s no need to re-register – log in using your existing core-econ.org details.

When you are logged in, one click gets you to the course material, which is now embedded on our web site rather than in a separate ebook. That’s it.

(If you prefer to read our material on a mobile device, you can still download the Inkling mobile app for iOS or Android, then add our title from Inkling’s bookshelves. It’s free, has the advantage that you can study at any time you’re near your device – even when you are offline – and you can search the entire text and glossary, so it’s handy for revision.)

Note: the text and figures in the embedded and mobile versions are the same.

2. Your account page

account pageEvery registered user now has an account page, showing tiles for the services you can use.

The most important tile is the first one you see: the one that clicks through to the ebook. But you can also use your account page to set up your account, download additional files and pdfs, and to access our multiple-choice quizzes…

3. All-new quiz section

quiz exampleThe most helpful learning aids last year, students told us, were our multiple-choice quizzes. Use them as you learn by clicking on the links to them in the ebook, or click on the Test yourself tile on your account page to access quizzes for all units.

We’ve also completely redesigned the quizzes so that, when your answers are incorrect, we tell you why.

4. More help for teachers

If you want to teach using CORE, register with your institutional email and apply for teacher status by selecting this option when you register. We’ll check your credentials and, if we give you a teacher login, your account page will have access to extra features: downloads of the data we used to make our figures, all the images so that you can include them in your presentations and documents, and (soon) lecture guides and teaching help. Please note: it really helps us to confirm your status if you register using your institutional address. If you use a personal email, your access may be delayed or mistakenly rejected.

We’re going to continue to upgrade the web site: watch for more announcements. And, if there’s anything you want to see on the site, there’s also a link on the account page so you can let us know.