Announcing a new partnership between CORE Econ and Honor Education

By CORE Econ | 14 July 2023

CORE Econ (Curriculum Open-access Resources in Economics) and Honor Education, two organizations dedicated to fostering equitable and active learning, are thrilled to announce their partnership to deliver the CORE Econ curriculum via the Honor Education platform. This collaboration aims to provide students with a more engaging and relevant educational experience while advancing the mission of both organizations.

CORE Econ is a global community of learners, instructors and researchers with a mission to reform the teaching of economics by focusing on the most important problems faced by societies around the world including climate change, injustice, innovation and the future of work. CORE Econ is used in instruction at over 400 universities around the world.

Honor Education was co-founded by a former Apple Executive and prior Dean of the Yale School of Management Joel Podolny. He and a team of former executives at DocuSign, 2U and Snap have built a mobile first teaching and learning platform that is driving collective engagement, equity and curricular improvements in all online education environments.

“We are thrilled to partner with Honor Education to bring the CORE Econ curriculum to a wider audience,” said Wendy Carlin, Director of CORE Econ. “This collaboration allows us to expand our reach and impact, ensuring that more students have access to transformative economics education. By integrating our resources with Honor Education’s innovative platform, we can empower learners to actively engage with economics and develop the skills needed to shape a better future for themselves and their communities.”

Through this partnership, the Honor Education platform enhances the learning experience for students using the web-based CORE Econ curriculum. Honor Education’s mobile first design and unique ability to bring all academic material to “life” means students can seamlessly interact with all the material, their fellow classmates and the instructor, taking notes, answering questions, and quizzes all from their mobile phone, tablet or laptop. By combining CORE Econ’s transformative approach to economics education with Honor Education’s focus on active learning, accessibility and skill development, students will gain a deeper understanding of economics and its implications in real-world scenarios.

“Honor Education is excited to join forces with CORE Econ to create a more engaging and equitable learning experience” remarked Joel Podolny, CEO of Honor Education. “Together, we can create a meaningful impact on education and empower students to become thoughtful and active contributors to society.”

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About CORE Econ

CORE Econ is a global community of learners, instructors and researchers with a mission to reform the teaching of economics. Our content is developed by a team of volunteers that includes 30+ primary authors. They are experts in micro- and macroeconomics, game theory, economic history, political economy, behavioral, labor, industrial, development and environmental economics.

About Honor Education

Honor Education is a mobile-first teaching and learning platform seeking to transform education through collective engagement. We envision a world in which all people, regardless of their circumstance, have access to a learning environment that fosters creative and critical thinking, community, and citizenry.