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Latest press coverage on CORE

The academic revolution: we’re getting there

  15 February 2015

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) singled out CORE as the bright spot in the international response of the economics profession to how to teach economics after the crisis. The article, titled “We haven’t learned anything from the financial crisis” quotes many other authors on the failure of universities to adapt their courses to respond to this challenge from the real world.

Free thinking about economics

  12 February 2015

Wendy Carlin took part in BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking debate on “Britain’s Economy”, chaired by Anne McElvoy. Alongside her: Will Hutton, political economist and author; Luke Johnson, an entrepreneur; and Richard Davies, The Economist‘s economics editor. If you can use the BBC iPlayer, you can listen to the 45-minute conversation here. If you prefer, you can download the podcast.