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CORE in the news

Latest press coverage on CORE

The FT on the CORE rollout

  22 September 2014

In an article (“Universities to revamp economics courses”) describing our ebook, the Financial Times reported that “Universities across four continents are rolling out a revamped economics curriculum”. Among other subjects, the article covered the potential impact of our material on teaching methods.

Bring research into the classroom

  5 December 2013

Wendy Carlin, our project director, visited the BBC for two interviews in response to the Post-Crash Economics Society at the University of Manchester, whose interesting blog sets out their arguments against the current syllabus, and explains the changes they would like to see. Wendy debated with Professor Abhinay Muthoo, Head of Economics at the University of Warwick. The interview takes place near the end, at around 2:48:20.

Keynes’s new heirs

  23 November 2013

The Economist writes about the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis and students’ dissatisfaction with the teaching of economics. A new group of teachers is now listening – CORE, led by Wendy Carlin, is designing a new university-level curriculum which “will change things in a number of ways”. The full article is also available as a PDF copy.