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Beware economists bearing policy paradigms

  11 May 2021

Dani Rodrik highlights that a key advantage of the CORE approach is its move to replace the standard benchmarks of economics with alternatives that are more realistic and useful.

Efforts to modernise economics teaching are gathering steam

  20 March 2021

A report of the American Economic Association urges teachers to avoid using “trivial or sexist” examples such as sports cars or beers, in favour of weightier applications, for example climate change and inequality. The Economist singles out CORE for starting “with inequality, rather than presenting it as an afterthought”. You can read the full article as a PDF.

Rethinking Economics

  2 March 2021

In the Spring 2021 issue of IMF’s Finance & Development, Wendy Carlin and Samuel Bowles argue that the pandemic has intensified doubts about the current economic paradigm taught to undergrads. They further stress the need for a lens that can focus on the exercise of private power as well as concerns about fairness and other social norms.

Economists should be able to save the world

  17 January 2021

Talous, the Finnish translation of The Economy, is now available online for free.

Elli-Alina Hiilamo wrote in the Helsingin Sanomat about the CORE Project, its work and its mission to reform the economics curriculum.

The article is in Finnish. An English translation is available here.