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What Students Learn in Economics 101: Time for a Change

4 March 2020  

A paper by Samuel Bowles and Wendy Carlin, in the March 2020 issue (vol. 58, issue 1) of the Journal of Economic Literature, uses machine learning text analysis to tell about the evolution of introductory economics since Samuelson revolutionized intro in 1948, and sets out how CORE is attempting something similar to what Samuelson did in 1948 to address the new challenges that face us today.

Read the article on the JEL website or as a pre-print on the UCL website.


Adopting CORE at Queen’s University Belfast

1 February 2020  

Alan de Bromhead writes about the experience of adopting CORE at Queen’s University Belfast and how students are reacting to the new course. The article, available as a PDF download at the link below, is published in the January 2020 RES Newsletter.

It is never too late to return to university

14 January 2020  

Simon Greaves, the Financial Times’ video revise editor, reflects on his PPE MSc course at Birkbeck, University of London as a “very mature postgraduate”. The compulsory economics module was taught using CORE, which “challenged our thinking, prejudices and the orthodox view of capitalism. Its examination of centuries of inequality did just that and gave us the tools to compare countries’ progress and model the impact of policy options.”

Read Simon’s article by following the link below or by downloading a PDF copy.

My New Year’s resolution? I want to help renovate economic theory

26 December 2019  

In an op-ed, Danielle Allen commends CORE for working on new approaches to the teaching of economics and resolves to help that renovation by following along as David Brancaccio, host of public radio’s “Marketplace Morning Report,” engages his listeners in a virtual book club, reading a chapter a month of “an important new open-access economics textbook called Economy, Society, and Public Policy”. Link to the article below, or as a pdf document here.

Everyday Economists

30 July 2019  

Sam Bowles speaks to Boston Review editor-in-chief Joshua Cohen about his work and CORE: “We’re advocating for a new way of understanding how the economy works, what people are like, how we interact in the economy and with our biosphere.”