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It’s time we tear up our economics textbooks and start over

  23 June 2019

In an opinion piece on the state of economics textbooks, Robert J. Samuelson says it is time to examine other models, besides e.g. Mankiw’s “Principles of Economics”, and mentions The Economy as an example. Link to the article below, or as a pdf document here.

Thoughts on a new economic didactics

  16 April 2019

A report in the eticaeconomia magazine on Wendy Carlin’s and Sam Bowles’ talk at the Sapienza University of Rome, where they presented the new paradigm in economics education CORE is introducing. Find the original article at the link below, and a  translation into English (pdf download).

Harvard’s Econ 101 class will never be the same

  12 March 2019

In the wake of Gregory Mankiw’s announcement he will step down from teaching “Principles of Economics” at Harvard, Noah Smith reflects on ‘Mankiw’s economics’, saying: “It’s time to retire Harvard professor Gregory Mankiw’s conventional wisdom” and recommends CORE as an alternative.

Economics, not what we thought!

  28 February 2019

The Yediot Ahronot newspaper showcases CORE and interviews Yuval Ofek-Shanny, a lecturer and doctoral student in economics at the University of Haifa, who is using CORE’s The Economy to reform the undergraduate curriculum. Find the original article at the link below, and our translation into English (pdf download).