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Economists in the doghouse


Wendy Carlin was a guest on a BBC World Service programme Business Daily where she discussed CORE’s efforts to transform the way economics is taught in universities in order to make it more relevant to the real world. 

Where are all the female economists?


The latest article on the problem of the missing women in economics, with quotes from Wendy Carlin and Homa Zarghamee. “Many in the profession are worried that too few women work in economics at senior level. But only recently has the source of much of the problem been identified: women are far less likely than men to study economics, let alone pursue a career in it.”

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What protects us from exploitation?

22 March 2018  

In his latest blog, Russ Roberts (the host of the weekly podcast EconTalk) references CORE’s The Economy when writing on what protects us as consumers and employees from exploitation.

How to fix university economics courses

17 January 2018 By Wendy Carlin and Sam Bowles

In an op ed in the FT today Wendy Carlin and Sam Bowles observe that an introductory economics course can be pluralistic in two ways. It can juxtapose schools of economic thought or disciplines in a kind of paradigm tournament. Or, they went on, it can integrate the insights of the different schools of thought and disciplines in a common narrative and related analytical models. Both approaches can be valuable; but CORE takes the second approach because we have concluded that it better equips students to reason analytically and empirically, and come to their own conclusions about problems such as inequality, the future of work and climate change. The FT op ed illustrates CORE’s pluralism-by-integration approach with our model of the labour market and the firm.