The Economy

A complete introduction to economics and the economy, successfully used for undergraduate level courses and in a wide range of other settings, including for graduate non-economics programmes, self-study, and high school courses.

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CORE Econ’s approach is student-centred. It provides students with tools, concepts and ways to understand the world capable of addressing the challenges that attract them to study economics.

On the first day of their CORE Econ course, we ask students ‘What is the most pressing problem that economists should address?’. The word cloud above shows answers from over 8,000 students at 40 universities from 18 countries, collected between 2016 and 2020.


Find out what students like about CORE Econ in a video from Prof. Carlos Cortinhas (University of Exeter):




Studying CORE Econ helped me to see a much bigger picture of what is happening in the economy than I expected. And the biggest change in my thinking is that I now see economics as a young and dynamic discipline. There are contemporary issues, ideas and debates which I now ‘get’… This makes economics really exciting to study.

Emily Pal, Birkbeck, University of London, and CORE Econ student


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