Transforming Economics Education in the United States
A two-day workshop to rethink the way we teach introductory economics

July 1-2, 2019 | Barnard College, Columbia University NY
Application Deadline: April 25th

Our Goals:

  • Developing a modernized, empirically grounded, and historically informed US economics curriculum that builds on pioneering work by CORE scholars.
  • Cultivating a vibrant community of academic experts, instructional designers, and classroom educators united by this common objective
  • Attracting a significantly more diverse student body to economics, whose perspectives can enrich public discourse and policy

About the Workshop: At this year’s workshop, we’ll be asking the following questions: What needs to change in the introductory economics curriculum and how can CORE adapt its materials to better serve the needs of students and teachers in the US? The workshop will feature speakers, panel sessions, and smaller breakout sessions where you will have the opportunity to work closely with other instructors who are teaching similar courses in similar institutional environments. The workshop will involve intensive collaborative work during the breakout sessions and participants will be asked to do some preparation prior to attending.

Who Can Apply:

  • Faculty. We are looking for faculty who are passionate about teaching and who have an interest in fundamentally reshaping the way we teach introductory economics. All faculty participants will be asked to prepare material prior to the workshop and faculty applicants who have prior experience teaching with CORE may be asked to lead breakout sessions. Faculty from any type of post-secondary institution may apply, and we will provide opportunities for you to work in smaller groups alongside participants who are teaching in similar institutional settings.
  • Graduate students. We welcome applications from graduate students who are in their final years of a Ph.D. program and who have experience or an interest in teaching. Preference will be given to graduate students who have taught or worked alongside instructors who teach introductory economics or who intend to teach introductory economics in the early years of their career. Graduate students who actively participate in and complete the workshop will be certified as CORE Teagle Fellows and may be recruited to help create new educational content for CORE in the US.
  • High school economics teachers. This year we also welcome applications from high school economics instructors. While the workshop will be geared towards undergraduate instruction, many of our sessions will be applicable to all instructors who are or wish to teach with CORE. Our workshop this year will also have breakout sessions where you will meet fellow high school economics instructors and will be able to discuss how CORE’s materials can be best adapted to high school classrooms. 
  • Apply as a team: Faculty who are working together within a department to address undergraduate education are encouraged to apply as a team. Likewise, we encourage professors to apply with graduate student teaching assistants and advisees. Each member of a team should still submit their own application. Teams should be no larger than five individuals.

Application Guidelines: In our application form, you are asked to answer a few short questions and to upload a statement of interest. Graduate students are required to upload a CV. The CV is optional for faculty and high school instructors.

For any questions, please contact us at [email protected].



As part of its strategy to improve the teaching of economics, CORE is now seeking to expand its outreach and impact in the United States. It is doing so in collaboration with Barnard College, which has received funding from the Teagle Foundation for this purpose. CORE USA is motivated by the following goals:

  • The development and expansion of CORE’s novel introduction to economics in the United States, especially at institutions that place a high value on the quality of innovative pedagogy, through a membership program and annual gathering.
  • The education and certification in CORE’s content and pedagogy of graduate students who have shown promise in both scholarship and teaching, and who are committed to quality teaching as a central component of their careers.
  • The identification of a set of institutional partners with shared goals for the improvement of economics education and a commitment to the development and use of high quality, open access instructional content.
  • The creation of a growing community of educators using CORE materials and contributing to their development and improvement.


We want to create a cadre of confident, networked, new PhDs excited about making teaching a fulfilling and central part of their careers in economics, and so CORE USA will hold a series of workshops to bring together instructors who already have experience implementing CORE, and a larger group of potential adopters. Graduate students who complete a workshop will become certified CORE-Teagle Fellows, which will be a signal of their commitment to quality teaching for their future employers, at liberal arts colleges, public policy schools and in economics departments. These future teachers will be selected through a competitive application process which will require them to show both their exceptional promise in teaching, but also their scholarship potential. CORE-Teagle Fellows will not only be exceptional teachers, but also talented researchers.

Meet the 2017-2018 CORE Teagle Fellows


CORE USA also aims to identify institutional partners who share our desire to improve economics education, and who want to use high-quality, open-access instructional content. This is why we are launching the CORE Consortium, a membership program for institutions who want to enter into a long-term, multi-year commitment to support faculty and graduate students using CORE, and host future workshops on a rotating basis. By the end of the 36-month period covered by the Teagle grant, we hope to have at least half a dozen institutions on board as members, as well as a leadership team and an administrative structure.

For more information about CORE USA, the CORE-Teagle Fellows program, or the CORE USA Consortium please email us at [email protected].

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