Doing Economics

Doing Economics is a unique, free resource for learning a valuable array of data-handling, software and statistical skills that will be transferable to other courses and to the workplace. It contains 12 data-based projects with step-by-step instructions for Excel, Google Sheets, R, and Python.

All 12 projects are linked to topics and units in Economy, Society, and Public Policy and The Economy 2.0, but can also be used alongside other courses or for self-study.

For instance:

  • In project 3 you can learn how to measure the effects of a sugar tax by using differences-in-differences (related to material in Unit 3 of ESPP and Unit 22 of The Economy),
  • In project 5 you can learn how to calculate Gini coefficients and draw Lorenz curves to measure inequality (related to material in Unit 5 of ESPP and Units 5 and 19 in The Economy).

Find out more by reading the Preface to Doing Economics.

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Doing Economics development was funded by the Nuffield Foundation.