Persistent racial inequality in the United States

Authored by Eric Bottorff (Oakton Community College), Trevon Logan (The Ohio State University), and Suresh Naidu (Columbia University).

This Insight provides a self-contained teaching resource on the economics of persistent racial inequality in the US. It focuses on three key mechanisms – segregation, discrimination, and political inequality – and how they interact through positive feedback processes to perpetuate this form of group inequality. The Insight is rich in data and in its historical coverage, showing how the three mechanisms are manifested in education and housing, and in the labour and credit markets. 

This Insight includes CORE’s standard student learning activities, for example:

  • interactive questions to test understanding (with feedback on correct and incorrect answers),
  • data exploration and visualization,
  • report writing, and
  • suggestions for further research.

Activities can be selected to meet the needs of audiences with different levels of prior learning in economics. Links to CORE’s ebooks provide guidance for filling in gaps.

The aim of the Insights series is to provide additional teaching and learning resources linked to relevant conceptual treatments in CORE’s ebooks. They cover a growing number of topics supplementing the ebooks; sometimes with a stronger regional orientation than, for example, The Economy. CORE Insights are authored by experts on the topic at hand.