Teaching with the Honor platform

Transform your micro- and macroeconomics courses and boost your students’ engagement.


Courses based on CORE Econ’s ebooks are available on the Honor platform, built to facilitate asynchronous student learning and interaction.

The Honor platform is going to change the way you teach micro and macroeconomics with our brand-new, ready-to-go courses:


Microeconomics Macroeconomics Microeconomics


Honor can help you foster collective engagement in the classroom. Find out how!

Students are 300% more engaged when learning collectively

Students are 300% more engaged when they are able to learn collectively alongside their classmates in virtual sessions. The Honor platform helps instructors achieve this goal.

Guide your students Get the temperature of your classroom
Add personalised commentaries to the material and build on the student responses to introduce concepts and guide discussions. Students can add reactions or public notes to the content, so you can see how they’re getting on and help them when they need.
Tailor the content to your needs Visualise students’ progress and engagement
The Honor platform makes it easy to rearrange the content based on your specific syllabus or your students’ learning goals. Download a report with their aggregated responses to instructor prompts.


Head to the Honor website for a sneak preview of the student-facing platform and get started today.

We’re constantly investing in new content

The courses on the Honor platform are the product of a collaboration between Honor Education and CORE Economics Education. There is a subscription fee of USD 30 per student per course. Half of this fee goes to CORE Economics Education for creating more content.