Test your CORE knowledge using Quizlet

By Tim Phillips | 14 September 2021

The updated CORE glossary, available in The Economy ebook and on the CORE website, has proved very popular. But our students asked for more help in learning and revising our course, and a glossary spreadsheet isn’t very useful for that.

So we have also taken the glossary for all The Economy units and broken it into pieces to make 22 flashcard sets to help you learn and revise: access them here. In addition, we made 12 flashcard sets grouped by themes, such as microeconomic, game theory, or key concepts for Units 1-11.

Besides using flashcards, you can test yourself in six additional test modes, for instance as multiple-choice questions or games in which you match the word to the definition

You will need to register for Quizlet, but it’s free and does not take long. You can also download the excellent Quizlet app for iOS or Android, so you can consult the glossary any time you want