The CORE Project ebook beta launches today

Fri 5th September 2014 | Blog

The Economy coverWe have many people to thank for helping to create our course material, but today we would like to give special thanks to the students who are taking ECON101 at the University of Massachusetts Boston, and their lecturer Arjun Jayadev, associate professor of Economics.

The UMass freshmen have just become the first students to take an economics course based on The Economy, the interactive ebook that The CORE Project has created to keep our promise to “teach economics as if the last three decades had happened”. Also today, we’re making the first beta of the ebook available to anyone who wants to use it.

The beta of The Economy is free to access on the Inkling platform (the only restriction is that Inkling requires you use the Chrome browser). An Inkling app is also available on iOS devices, but not yet on Android.

[UPDATE: Inkling now supports Chrome 25+Safari 5.1+Firefox 20+Internet Explorer 9 & 10. It also offers an Android 4.0+ app, but does not guarantee that all your interactivity will work on it yet.]

Register from our home page. Please take a look, experiment with it, and tell us what you think. If you like what you see, please tell others about us.

This beta has the first 10 units. We plan to publish the rest of the course before the end of 2014. We will also update at least once to make improvements to our ebook based on feedback from ECON101, the other students and teachers in Bangalore, Budapest, London and Paris who will use the course this year, and anyone else who wants to help.