The CORE Project Facebook page

Sat 6th September 2014 | Blog

FBthumbWe are a small group, mostly made up of volunteers, so one of the challenges for us in making the beta version of our ebook available was how to cope with the comments, requests for support or questions that we will receive in the next few months. We’d also like to give you a place to discuss the course if you have an opinion you’d like to share.

So we set up a Facebook page. Click on the thumb to visit and follow it.

We want to help when we can; but we are sure that many of you will have similar questions, or find similar glitches (we hope not too many), and will often be able to help each other. If you have a technical query, for example, we recommend that you post it on Facebook rather than emailing us – though of course we will answer all requests, however they reach us, as soon as possible. Facebook will also be an efficient way for us (and you) to post day-to-day announcements. We want it to be a place where you can meet and talk to each other: please feel free to use it.